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What is Casual Support?

Not every company is ready for Managed Support. 

Not every company *needs* Managed Support.  

Northrock is happy to offer Casual Support to our clients who only require periodic I.T. assistance and to clients with fewer than 10 users/computers.


Situations where Casual Support is a good fit:

  • Your organization has an in-house person who can comfortably manage the day-to-day issues

  • Your workstations and devices are not associated with a high level of productivity or critical need

  • The cost of managed support does not provide an equivalent or greater value for your organization

What does Casual look like?

When on Casual, you call the shots. You get to decide when to call us in, or try to fix yourself.  You can involve us as little, or as much as you like.  

While there are a number of trade-offs to this method of support delivery, it is the most flexible for you. For smaller organizations this can be the most budget friendly. 

While we would love to help all organizations that need it, we are limiting new clients at this time to only those with 5 or more PCs.

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