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Benefits of Managed Support

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Managed Support has been an increasingly common delivery method for delivering I.T. services for a long time now. Once only a tool for businesses with deep pockets, the delivery model has adapted to even smaller organizations of even just 5 or 10 users. This is a combination of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) fine tuning the delivery, an influx of affordable tools that can make it work, as well as the increasing role that technology is providing in a variety of industries.

Below are a few of the benefits that lead to improved efficiency and protection that the Managed Support Model provide.

Prevent/Reduce Problems

A proactive approach to I.T. management is one of the hallmarks of Managed Support. By continually monitoring systems, performing regular maintenance, and applying updates and patches, potential issues can be identified and resolved before they escalate.

This preventative strategy not only minimizes downtime, but also ensures your infrastructure runs smoothly, protecting your organization from costly disruptions.

Productivity Boost

Managed Support helps ensure you are providing your team with the appropriate tools and access to do their job. And when they do encounter issues, you've eliminated roadblocks, giving them the freedom to reach out and just get it solved. Keeping your team producing is one of the biggest value-adds to Managed Support.

Faster Resolutions

We can't pretend that all IT issues can be prevented by Managed Support, but you can be sure that when they do arise, their effects will be minimized and duration reduced because your I.T. team already has a deep and intimate knowledge of your network and systems, and is ready to get you up and running much more quickly than if they had to first get up to speed.

Better Decision Making

With a full team at your disposal, you get the benefits of industry knowledge combined with experience supporting your organization and its unique needs. These work in harmony to give you the best information with which to make the decisions that will guide your organization well into the future.

Aligned as a Partner

MSPs are more than just service vendors; they are partners invested in your success. Their goals are aligned with yours, ensuring that they work diligently to support your objectives. This partnership approach means they are committed to helping you achieve long-term growth and success, providing solutions that scale with your business.

Enhanced Security

Modern IT security is more than just setting up a few tools and assuming they'll protect you. Threats are evolving and as changes are made to your network, systems, and processes, security needs to be constantly evaluated and tweaked. Heck, even without making a single change to your system, security still needs to be evaluated and updated.

With a Managed Support plan, these security impacts are considered as each decision and change is made. This keeps your organization safe as the world evolves around you.

Focus on What You do Best

By offloading the management of IT tasks to a trusted provider, your team can focus on what they do best—driving the core activities that make your business successful. This strategic delegation allows for better allocation of resources and enhances overall productivity.

Cost Efficiency

Managed Support is perhaps at its finest where growing organizations reach a size where they consider in-house support. Hiring a single IT Jack/Jill-of-all-trades comes with a boatload of risk, but a full team is beyond fiscal reach.

With Managed Support, you can scale easily as you grow until you reach the point where you can support a full team of in-house professionals with the variety of skills that an outsourced provider can offer.

Access to Latest Technology

Managed IT providers stay abreast of the latest technological developments and trends. This means your business can leverage cutting-edge tools and solutions without the need for extensive research and implementation on your own. This access can provide a competitive edge in your industry.

Compliance and Risk Management

Staying compliant with industry regulations and standards can be complex. Managed IT Support ensures that your business adheres to relevant compliance requirements, reducing the risk of legal issues and penalties. They also help manage risks by implementing robust data protection and disaster recovery plans.


If you've made it this far, you hopefully have seen the benefits that Managed Support may be able to offer your organization. We'll be the first to admit that it's not the right solution for every situation, but for most organizations from 10 to 100 users, a Managed Support solution makes a lot of sense.


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