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Managed Support - What's included?

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Northrock's Managed Support offering is designed as a single solution that supports all our clients' base needs. What's included in our Managed Support offering is simple.

For clients that have additional requirements, we offer add-ons to our base plan. These add-ons include enhanced security, backups, voice solutions and extended-hours support.

We take the approach of a one-size-fits-all at a custom rate. While we discuss in more depth at Pricing Managed Support, the takeaway is that this allows us to provide consistent support at a fair rate that reflects the unique situations for each of our clients.

Some components core to our offering include:

  • A friendly, responsive, and competent helpdesk

  • Onsite support

  • High-level consulting and regular strategy meetings

  • Microsoft 365 tenant management

  • Network and endpoint protection, including a modern firewall

  • Monitoring and management of network and endpoint devices

  • Enhanced email protection

  • Security awareness training

  • Password management tool

"Okay, but what work is included?"

Good question! We build our plan to ideally cover all of your day-to-day I.T. tech needs. Everything from troubleshooting the network, to replacing devices, to onsite work is covered.

We don't want you to have to think about when to get support, you just do it and move on with your day!

Some examples of what is included in our plans

  • Deploying new/replacement workstations, servers and network equipment

  • Comprehensive onboarding/offboarding of team members

  • Working with 3rd party vendors to prepare or troubleshoot the network environment

  • Troubleshooting common apps

  • Configuring your Microsoft 365 environment

  • Managing access to digital resources

"What's not included in your Managed Support plan?"

Typically, requests that would be considered a project are not included. Usually they involve 5+ hours and are represented by some of the following examples:

  • Moving email providers (such as Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, or vice versa)

  • Deploying a new line-of-business application

  • Technology consolidation from mergers/acquisitions (and separating when companies split off.)

  • Audits or assessments of your I.T. environment (beyond our included security & standardization assessments)

For most common projects, we are comfortable quoting a fixed-fee, so even if you need something outside of our normal Managed Support agreement, you can still have some predictability in your life!

"What if it's something you don't do?"

Generally we try to offer services that suit our skillsets and client needs, so we are a little picky about what out-of-scope work we take on. However, if you request something out of scope, but it's something we feel comfortable assisting with, we simply bill at our hourly rate.

You can check out our page going over services we don't provide -


We aim to keep our pricing fair, easy, and predictable. A single base plan allows us to provide consistent support with little overhead. Knowing that all your day-to-day needs are covered gives you peace of mind, and the ability to tell your team "just call Northrock, they'll get it done."


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