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Minimum Technology Requirements

PCs - Less than 6 years old, modern storage (SSD), i5 class or better (or AMD equivalent)

Laptops - Less than 5 years old, modern storage, i5-class (or AMD equivalent) or better


Northrock-provided solution

- Veeam backup solution for servers and workstations

- Datto backup solution for servers and workstations

- Afi backup for Microsoft 365

Recommended Technology Platform

Northrock's Recommended Technology Platform includes:

Workstations & Laptops:

Make: Lenovo

CPU: Intel i5 or better CPU (10th Gen or newer); equivalent or better AMD CPU

RAM: 16GB minimum, 32GB recommended

Storage: Solid State Drive

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro or newer (devices that support Win 11 should be on Win 11 Pro)


Make: Lenovo

Specs: As per Northrock's recommendations based on evaluation of server's roles and software requirements

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