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Local IT support to serve you better

Updated: Apr 10

IT support is handled remotely most of the time these days because it is simply more efficient and scalable. But, there are still situations where having local technicians available to go onsite are important for an exceptional IT experience.

Faster Support

When you have an IT problem that cannot be solved remotely, having a local technician that knows your network and is part of your regular support team can get the resolution much faster than another layer of outsourced providers. This can significantly minimize downtime and productivity loss at times when that are most critical.

Easier Communication

Sometimes, there's no substitute for in-person communication. The ability to demonstrate what you're hoping to achieve or what the issue is goes a long way in helping deliver the support that you need to keep your organization operating efficiently.

A better experience for your team

When a technician is onsite and interacting with your team, the support feels more real and friendly, which builds trust in the IT support network and that trust is an essential component of the overall IT solution.

Proactive Maintenance and Prevention

When technicians are on-site, they get extra data that simply cannot be collected remotely. This allows them to discover potential issues and make recommendations on improvements to improve your usage of technology.

Understanding of local market

With a local presence, your IT company is more likely to understand the specific challenges and opportunities of doing business in your area, and they can tailor their services and recommendations accordingly.

When you are looking at outsourced IT providers, make sure to consider how they handle the onsite needs of your organization. Even with the amazing capabilities of most tech support to be managed remotely, there are still significant benefits to having a solution that addresses your local support needs well.

As part of the Northrock Experience, our goal is to have local support options available to go onsite to your business locations and no more than an hour's drive away included in your Managed Support solution.


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