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Northrock Technologies... the IT Experience you've been searching for


Strategic Technology

Technology is more than just a line item on the expense report.  It offers competitive advantages, efficiencies, and so much more.

To make I.T. work for your organization, it requires familiarity with the landscape and knowledge of how you operate.


That is where Northrock fits in. 

Business Meeting

Support for Your Whole Organization

Technology impacts are felt differently across an organization.  With us, you know that your requirements will be addressed for all team members.

From productivity requirements of frontline staff to the long term strategic planning of your executive decision makers, Northrock delivers what you need.

A Familiar Support Team

We keep your primary team consistent, for familiar faces and a deeper understanding of your needs and environment. 

Friendly & Responsive

Working with a friendly and responsive support team means you don't hesitate to reach out. And when you do, you know that the request will be handled efficiently!

Northrock Support Options

Casual Support

We offer Casual Support to small businesses with only periodic needs for I.T. assistance.

This track is perfect for those with a small technology budget, who are comfortable managing the day-to-day needs and calling us in when something is over your abilities.

Our experts are available to provide the support you need, but only when you ask!

Managed Support

As technology plays an ever-increasing role in business, the Managed Support model has gained traction as the best way to manage your I.T.

When Managed Support is done right, you get more than an I.T. vendor, you bring on a partner with aligned goals.  We are invested in your success, including: 

  • Finding technology that improves efficiency

  • Eliminate downtime

  • Protected infrastructure and team members

  • Finding technology that helps you deliver a better product

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